Club Update from the Vice President

Greetings fellow boat club members.
I would like to bring you up to date on some important events at our boat club;

Docks replacement projects:

Part one has been approved by the base and is in progress, the replacement of the boat launch ramp docks. Materials are being bought and stored at our compound and we, us, you the members will be building the new docks on site and when ready will be trailered to our ramp for launching. So, if you are wondering how you could honour your membership agreement, this is your chance. Albert Lacharity has agreed to be the project manager and thank you for that Albert.

Part two is the replacement of all our docks and that is a much larger project. We are exploring two separate avenues for funding, a CFCF loan and a grant. The requests for approval were submitted during the summer of 2018, many thanks to John Jolie for a ton of research and legwork to put together the proposal and costs estimates.

Stay tuned for the invitation for work crews to meet at the compound. This is a big deal ladies and gents, we need some keen participation and effort from our members.

Building security: We have a very nice clubhouse, everyone with a FOB come and go when they please. You pay your dues, it is yours yes. However, remember to lock the doors. On a side note, Richard Tessier is your new Clubhouse Custodian, welcome Richard and thank you.

The underlying theme of this message is the members. The members make the club, without the volunteer work of our members we would not have a boat club. It exists thanks to the work of unpaid boat club members, so come out and pitch in. How to start? come out on Thursdays, have lunch and shoot the bull, take it from there.

A wise boater once said; Stay away from the pointy bits

Gordon Mcgee
Vice President