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General Membership Information

The CFB Esquimalt Power Boat Club is open to all members of the Regular and Reserve Force and to DND Civilian Employees, as well as to other Federal Services.

Individual membership fees are $50.00 (Regular members), $75.00 (Ordinary members) and $100.00 (Associate members) per year for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

New members are always welcome. Please arrange to meet the membership chair for details.

There are 3 Categories of Membership:

  • Regular:
    The following persons are eligible for regular membership:  
    • Current and former members of the Regular or Reserve Force and their families; and
    • Foreign military personnel on duty with the Canadian Forces and their families.
  • Ordinary:
    The following persons are eligible for ordinary membership:  
    • DND Public Service employees/full time contractors (for the period of their contract) and their families;
    • Former DND Public Service employees receiving a pension for DND service, and their families;
    • Staff of NPF, CF and their full time contractors for (for the period of their contract) and their families;
    • Former staff of NPF, CF receiving a pension for NPF service and their families;
    • Serving members of the RCMP and their families;
    • Members of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires or other security force when employed at a CF location, and their families; and
    • Staff of the C/MFRC and their families.
  • Associate:
    • Subject to the approval of the Base Commander or his/her representative, any person not specified in paragraphs above may be invited to become an associate member. Associate membership shall be for one year with no guarantee of renewal for further one year terms and may be renewed upon approval of the Executive Committee.

It is the responsibility of each member to:

  • Advise the club ASAP of any changes in status which could have an effect on their membership category;
  • Advise the club ASAP of any change of address or phone number;
  • Advise the club ASAP of any transfer of ownership or sale of moored or stored vessels;
  • Ensure that a current proof of ownership and insurance is held on the club files for any and all vessels/trailers moored/stored on DND property; and
  • Participate as a volunteer in club activities and respond to requests for assistance in maintaining the club facilities.

2018-2019 Fee Schedule

Rates Effective 1 April 2018
Membership (Yearly)
Compound Storage (Monthly) 
Moorage (per Foot, per Month)  
Ordinary $2.00
Associate $2.25
Clubhouse Rental (Members Only, per Night)
Galley Use$20.00 additional charge
BBQ Use$40.00 additional charge