Don’t mess up your nest!!!

Hazardous Material

There have been several instances of hazmat and garbage being left sculling around the boatclub launch ramp and compound enclosure/building over the past months. Included items have included used oil, partially empty paint cans, used paint rollers and brushes, hardened fiberglas resin buckets, dead batteries, unmarked fuel containers and empty outboard motor fuel tanks. On a couple of occasions, waste oil and/or oily rags/towels have been placed in the waste receptacles in the heads and washplaces. This is not only environmentally unfriendly but also constitutes a safety/fire hazard.

If you are working on your boat, please ensure that all unused materials are removed on completion of the work and the area is properly cleaned up. If you need further guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact the Club Environment and Safety Officer, Steve White, by phone at 250-652-8215 (Residence) / 250-514-7815 (Mobile) or by e-mail at one of the following addresses:

Maintenance of a clean and safe environment at Work Point is the responsibility of all club members and is a condition of your continued membership in the club. Continued abuse of environmental and safety rules and guidelines will result in the closure of our facility.