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What to do with Out-of-Date or Damaged Flares

Webmaster note: This page is copied directly from, it is highly recommended that you consult that page for up-to-date information when you are preparing to dispose of flares. Pyrotechnic flares are used to signal distress at sea and help pinpoint a boat’s location. You need to check flares regularly to make sure they are …

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Hazardous Materials Notice

All club members or OPIs having inflammable or hazardous materials stored in the yellow steel lockers beside BLDG 1061WP in the compound or on the lower patio of the clubhouse are to remove same ASAP or, if there is a valid requirement for continued storage, label the container(s) with name, contact information, contents (if not …

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Victoria Harbour Traffic Scheme

All members of our club are to be familiar with and follow the rules and requirements of navigating in the areas of the water airport runways shoreward of the Ogden Point breakwater as detailed in the following link:

Safety is Everyone’s Concern

Safety of our members is of paramount importance. Please ensure that you have made yourself aware of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in use at the CFB Esquimalt Power Boat Club. A hard copy is located in the upper entrance to the clubhouse, Bldg 1031 WP. If you see something amiss, or have any questions …

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Don’t mess up your nest!!!

Hazardous Material There have been several instances of hazmat and garbage being left sculling around the boatclub launch ramp and compound enclosure/building over the past months. Included items have included used oil, partially empty paint cans, used paint rollers and brushes, hardened fiberglas resin buckets, dead batteries, unmarked fuel containers and empty outboard motor fuel …

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